JoPo Book Club

Ready for your Wednesday nights to be booked?

Join our community as we meet weekly to discuss books that are gently rocking our world, chapter by chapter. Here is what you can expect: short weekly reading commitments, insightful and inclusive discussions, an atmosphere of curiosity (not judgment), and killer 90s music. The experience has been aptly described as "a good overwhelming."

Our next book is Think Again by Adam Grant. You can also donate additional funds to help cover the cost for another book club member, or send a gift card to a friend so they can join us, too!


See what our members are saying about this community:

"I love going to book club every week. At first, I knew very few people personally and now this group, for me, has created a close-knit community where we can discuss topics and share real experiences. Joni does a fantastic job of keeping the conversation flowing and making everyone feel heard." -Megan K.

"Whether you just listen (like me) or share your thoughts each week, you are destined to have a good time and might even learn a thing or two!" -Jami B.

"This is a safe space to explore and discuss ideas and concepts that might be tough to process on your own. Plus, we have awesome 90's music dance parties to open and close each book club meeting." -Julie H.

"I’ve gotten WAY more out of my book study with Joni’s format than I ever have before by reading a book on my own or in a typical book club. JoPo Book Club has changed the way I study books, and I am here for it." -Stephanie V.

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